It Pays To Pay with kiplePay!

As a user, it pays to pay with Kiple! Carry less cash and cards, and wallet bulk. Secure 6-digit pin with fingerprint option!

Never Make Obscene Sounds to Ask For Your Bill Again

Forget about waiting for the bill or handing your card over to a stranger when you're at restaurants. kiplePay allows you to pay at your own pace, the convenient and safe way! The app is free to download, quick to setup and safe to use. Download kiplePay and feel like a bawse wherever you go.

Make Cashless Payments

So, Malaysia will become a full-fledged cashless nation by 2050? Well, call us kiasu but cash is so yester-year and we’d like to kick start this movement today! Make cashless payments using the kiplePay app on your smartphone just by the scan of a QR code.

Track Your Spending

Get a push notification immediately after all account activity including payments, withdrawals and transfers to stay up to date.

Ordering & Paying is Fast & Secure

Visit an outlet that accepts kiplePay. Order your food from the beautifully displayed menu. Scan and pay with your mobile phone and focus on your food!

Security that meets industry standards

As secure as e-banking, Kiple is the brand under Webonline Dot Com Sdn Bhd, which is an approved issuer of designated payment instrument. Secure Scan & Pay - no payment goes through until, and unless you approve the payment with your fingerprint OR security pin.

Personal data protection

Guaranteed data protection: kiplePay does not disclose any personal data to third parties.

Time to Go Cashless

We are offering a dynamic platform for you that is relevant and ultimately the kind of conveniences you never knew you needed! Get our app now!

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