What do I get as a kiplePay merchant

You get to give a different shopping experience with improved services.
Digitize your business with kiplePay and you will find your business in for an advantage as compared to others.

simple integration

Simple Integration

cost effective fees

Cost Effective Fees

fast settlement

Fast Settlement

detailed report

Detailed Report

merchant support

Merchant Support

What’s great about being a kiplePay user

From bulky wallet to scan and pay, kiplePay has more features that you may not know.
Here are some things you may like to know before trying out your first kiplePay experience.

ewallet account

e-Wallet Account

instant transfer

Instant Transfer

pay at table

Pay at Table

Payment options

Multiple Payment options

Mobile Reload

Mobile Reload

Order and Pay

Order & Pay:

Place your order at your own pace from our beautifully displayed menu. You can either take your time or speed up the ordering process as you wish. Just don’t forget to pay when you’re done ordering!

Mobile Reload & Transfer

In need cash here and now? Choose your preferred online banking system and reload in minutes. If needed you can transfer money to your friends or family in real time.

Money Transfer
Bill Payment

Bill Payment

How often do we drag our bills and paid more when it payment is overdue? kipePay support most major utility and services brands. You can settle it easily and settle it fast with our user friendly app.

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kiplePay puts security on the highest pedestal whilst maintaining its simplicity.
Be it consumers or merchants, kiplePay serves you the ultimate conveniences you never knew you needed!