We Are Hiring!

We are a funded fintech startup looking for talented and committed core team members.


We are a funded fintech startup looking for talented and committed candidate to be part of our core team member.


We believe thoughtful spending helps people enjoy the lifestyle they want, and still be in good financial shape.


Optimal use of technology to create customer-centric features for smart spending and fun money management.


Sense of purpose with a great learning opportunity in an industry with awesome growth potential.

  • We believe that cash will become obsolete.
  • We believe that too many people are controlled by money, instead of being on top of money.
  • We believe that thoughtful spending and a little foresight helps people enjoy the lifestyle they want, and yet be in good financial shape.
  • More importantly, we believe that managing money should be fun!
  • We’re not just building a mobile payment transaction solution.
  • We want to make the best use of technology to design customer-centric features for smarter spending and great rewards, seamless convenience and fun money management.
  • We’re putting together a brilliant team.
  • Sense of purpose
  • Industry with awesome growth potential
  • A great big learning opportunity
  • Our dedication to employee happiness
  • Competitive pay (and if you prove your worth, equity is not out of the question)
  • You believe in our big idea.
  • You are on a mission, and not just looking for a job.
  • You like to learn, and you learn really fast.
  • You do what you must, but you continue to challenge the team to do better.
  • You work hard (but if you can get better results by working smart, that’s fine by us).
  • You are a bona-fide contributor, not fussy about being within scope.
  • You are ruled by effectiveness and efficiency, not precedence.
  • You are okay with a fast-moving environment.
  • We like you.
  • Given, you have the skills to do the job.

Interested to explore? Drop us an email – hireme@kiplepay.com

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