Using kiplePay

1. What can I do with kiplePay?

– Order food (via selected kiplePay merchants)
– Make in-store payments
– Transfer money to your friends
– Pay bills
– Top up your mobile prepaid

2. How do I top-up my kiplePay wallet?

Select TOP UP on the wallet tab, enter the desired amount and top up method. You can choose to either reload via credit card, online bank transfers or CIMB ATM / Cash Deposit Machines.

3. What is the maximum amount I can store on kiplePay?
RM 200.

4. Why do I need two (2) sets of usernames and passwords?

– You need the first set for login purposes.
– A separate 6-digit PIN is created to access your e-wallet to give you an extra layer of security.

5. How can I get further assistance?
You may submit a ticket to us via e-mail to support@kiplepay.com.

Making Orders & Payments

6. How do I order using kiplePay?
Note: Applicable to selected kiplePay merchants only.

– Scan the kiplePay QR code provided on the table.
– The menu will appear on your app and you make your orders on it.
– Confirm your orders and proceed to pay.

7. Can I use the app just to make payments?
By selecting the ‘Pay’ tab on the app, just enter your wallet PIN and flash the generated QR code to your merchant so they could scan it. For selected F&B merchants, you can even pay without going to the cashier. Simply scan the provided QR code to notify your merchant and the required amount to be paid will be displayed on your application. Simply enter your wallet PIN and the transaction is complete!


8. How secure is kiplePay?
kiplePay is a licensed e-wallet company that is committed to integrate the best technology and guidelines in to protect the customer’s finances within the kiplePay application.

9. Is my private information on kiplePay safe?
kiplePay puts data protection as the highest priority. Any transactions performed via kiplePay is secured and no sensitive information such as your bank account number or credit card number is revealed at any point.


10. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is RM 1.

11. Can I withdraw my Kiplekash balance?
No. KipleKash is a rebate credit that can only be used on kiplePay-powered merchants. It is unable to be withdrawn or exchange for cash.

12. Can I withdraw my kiplePay balance to be transferred to a family member’s bank account?
No. All withdrawn kiplePay cash can only be transferred to your own bank account.


13. What’s a Merchant Cashback?
Merchant Cashback is a rebate credit you earn from kiplePay-powered outlets whenever payments are made using the application. The credit is shown as a balance in the Merchant Store Card which can be used for future payments at the same merchant at any time and will always be deducted first before your cash balance (unless selected otherwise).

Profile Management

14. Why do I need to provide additional information (i.e. IC number)?
Additional information is required as an added layer of security to perform transactions such as cash withdrawal. The safety of your money is our primary concern!

15. Can I change my name on kiplePay?
You may submit a ticket to our support team for any name change requests (this is to strengthen security). Our team will proceed to update your requested name change within the system after conducting proper verification procedures.

16. How do I reset my wallet PIN?
On the ‘Profile’ tab of your application, tap on the Security button and you will be given the option to reset your PIN. You can also choose to opt for finger print authentication to replace PIN for better security.

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