Beauty: Is It Really Only Skin Deep?

If it’s only skin deep? Why do we worship the likes of flawlessly beautiful K-pop artistes? Why do we spend hundreds and thousands of ringgit per year investing in skincare?

Why do we follow Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on Instagram when they haven’t quite contributed anything significant to changing the landscape of humanity? Why do we instinctively tilt our head forward and look up – making our eyes and forehead look larger than they are and chin smaller than it is, when we want to appear attractive?

Beauty is irrational, subjective and makes life worth living – the world revolves around beauty, be it our perception of beautiful people or objects.

While we’re a brand that believes in convenience and financial freedom – we are also a brand that believes in HONESTY. We debunk all the garbage that ads feed you. We believe that BEAUTY is however YOU define it.

  • You want to pluck your brows on a weekly basis to make sure it’s always on-fleek?
  • You are unsatisfied with the situation with your boobs and want it to be in better shape?
  • You feel that you might look (and feel) better by losing a couple of pounds?
  • You feel that having a manicure might brighten up your mood and make you feel better about yourself?

We do not have a rightful disposition to how you should or should not look

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