6 New Year Resolutions for Your Business to Succeed

Everyone makes new year resolutions, why shouldn’t businesses when more is at stake. These top 6 New Year resolutions can help you achieve new levels of business success, not to mention, make your life as a founder a lot easier.

1. Learn how to delegate

You have a vision for your business and you want everything to be executed just the way you like it. No one is more invested, or committed, and they don’t quite try as hard as you. We get it, but you have to let it go! No matter how capable you are, you can’t do it all.

Let someone else do some of the tasks for you. You don’t have to compromise on quality, you just have to hire a team that lives up to your high expectations. If you cannot afford to grow your team yet, there is always the option to outsource. Delegation is the key to a healthier work-life-balance, more importantly, it frees up your time to perform your primary duties of visioning, planning and leading!

You can delegate part of your work to Kiple to take a big load off your shoulders. Kiple is a mobile payment with an effective marketing and loyalty platform that gets your promotions across to targeted consumers.

2. Promote your business effectively and consistently

The days of ‘build it and they will come’ is long gone. Even if you are first and truly unique, copycats are waiting to pounce. Channel more resources into promoting your business effectively and regularly. To attract new customers and get them to spend with you often, you have to make marketing a priority.

Pay attention to marketing trends and what works well with your specific customer segment. Go on to craft a marketing plan and track results on a quarterly basis to know where to focus your resources.


Hire a marketing expert! Kiple is a mobile payment app with an effective marketing and loyalty platform. We can help you design effective marketing approaches that are customised for your target audience. Deals, promotions, mobile push notifications, email marketing, and more.

3. Learn something new

Whether you are looking for a solution, an idea, a fresh perspective or a breakthrough, you need to fuel your brain with new knowledge. There is always more that you can learn. Commit to learning something new everyday to brush up your skills and keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the business world.

Go in-depth and go broad, you never know when an acquired knowledge becomes useful at critical times. Here’s something to see you through 2017 – 10 minutes of pilates a day can increase your levels of happiness and productivity.

Kiple merchant partners come together to form a network of support. For the pioneers on our mobile payment, marketing & loyalty platform, we organise learning and networking events where you will meet like-minded people who may just become partners, customers and friends. Be our partner today!

4. Embrace NEW Technology

What happens when your customers embrace new technology and you do not? You will get left behind. Take the smartphone for instance, you just need to look around to see how attached people have become to this ‘do-it-all’ device.

It’s communication, information, entertainment, shopping, banking, and the new wave that is about to hit –- mobile payment. If you want to dominate the market, you need to embrace new technology. The early adopter truly gets the customers. Big data and analytics, social media advancements, gamification; these are not buzz words to be ignored. Explore what new technology can do for your business.

Kiple is an easy way for businesses to make the transition to mobile. Give in to your customers mobile lifestyle and enable them to discover you and pay at your store with just a few taps on their smartphones. We are an innovative and secure platform for mobile payment, marketing & loyalty that benefits both merchant partners and the consumer.

Form strategic partnerships with start-ups like you!

Creative disruption is shaking every industry. Competition is fierce coming from down the street and global players with the Internet tearing down borders. Every business out there wants to accelerate and win but only the strong will.

Build strength in numbers. Leverage partners that can contribute to your long-term business goals. There are still a lot opportunities you haven’t tapped into.

Map out who you would like to work with and also, how they can benefit partnering up with you. It could be an arrangement to cut cost by combining orders, cross marketing, or even barter trade. There will be plenty of opportunities to collaborate especially in the start-up scene.

Kiple is a financial technology start-up backed by an established Main Market-listed company and powered by a Bank Negara Malaysia accredited e-payment provider. We leverage technology to improve the efficacy of marketing, payment and finance. We share your ambition, hence partner with us.

Eliminate what is not working, and move on

Not every meal is super sellers, not every sales strategy works, and not every supplier is going to deliver. If something isn’t working or didn’t give you the positive ROI, and it has absolutely no bearing on your long-term goals, just stop-doing-it. Move on and adopt other innovative approaches that works better for your business.

Kiple is a fresh platform that draws young users to you because we address their need to enjoy life without breaking the bank. We subsidize your reward to customers with an enticing rebate program, making it worthwhile to pay with Kiple while getting them to come back to you. Be one of the pioneers of Kiple now by being our partner!