What The Heck Is A Cashback & Why Should I Care?

First of all, here are some facts of a CASHBACK offer:

  • If the cashback offer is 10%. That means, out of your total spend, you will be returned 10%.
  • You can’t actually spend your money anywhere and everywhere. There will be listed shops, stores, restaurants etc that will fall into this category.
  • You spend money in these outlets and you get cash back. Spend at any other outlet and you get nothing back.

So now you know the basic facts of cashback, and you see this word everywhere! but is it any good?

Some things in life are too good to be true. Slimming tea, for one, and that guy who looks like Ryan Gosling on Tinder.

Most people feel the same way about cashback services, at least in the beginning. Whenever we mention ‘cashback’, or ‘rebates’, we’re met with the same skeptical expression. A free cashback for spending money on things I was going to pay for anyway? How can? Must be some kinda scam!

facts on cashback

But in truth? Cashback services are beyond impressive, and it suits us, the generation of classy cheapskates!

For starters, using a cashback service doesn’t forbid you from using other voucher codes. Once you pay for your meal, just use the discount vouchers at the cashier. Obviously, your cashback will reflect the slashed-down price, but ultimately you will still obtain the lowest total price you can get!



Kiple is a #jalanjalancarimakan mobile wallet that offers you a two-prong-approach – a consistent 10% cashback programme + special discount vouchers tailored exclusively for you at awesome restaurants you would love.

In other words: Kiple’s 10% cashback service + Kiple’s discount vouchers = double-dip savings.

Aim a CASHBACK system with IMMEDIATE rebates with no minimum spend.

For most banks that offer a cashback programme, you won’t get your money back for every single purchase (or spend) you make. You must spend a minimum amount. For most of them, the waiting part is also the hardest part (typically there’s usually a 30 – 90 day pay out).


But imagine a cashback pay-out system that was IMMEDIATE –No waiting. No shady practices. No secret messages hidden in the fine prints of the T&C. No minimum spend required. You see it reflected in your wallet right away. Yes, this is the case with Kiple, and we’re not kidding. Too good to be true? Install the app.

MAJOR TIP: Don’t opt for a cashback programme that’s tied to a CREDIT CARD


The incentive is greater when you revolve credit. Revolving credit means you pay just 5% of your total bill and carry forward the rest of the amount to the next month and the bank charges you a rate of interest. When this happens, the interest increases as you spend more. This is dangerous because now not only are you being enticed to spend, you’re even enticed to carry it forward. This is a sure way to land up in debt; and there goes your financial freedom!

Choose a cashback programme that is not tied to a credit card; because the point is to EARN and SAVE, not accumulate cashback points and land in debt.

Kiple is a digital wallet that was designed for people like you and me; We are here to weave seamlessly into your existing lifestyle and present to you an alternative payment method that could help you save & earn.

We can’t recommend the cashback option highly enough. With very little personal information up front and just a few extra taps, you stand to save and even earn. Kind of a no-brainer, if you ask us! Get our app to discover and experience its benefits now!