School Holiday Escapade

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The Chinese New Year holidays felt so short despite having 15 actual celebratory days in the Lunar calendar. Nevertheless, if you are a school student, you will be delighted to know that the next batch of holidays is not too far away.

With the recent holidays focusing on tons of gatherings and reunions in a large scale, it would be nice to unwind from the stress of school in the upcoming semester holidays in March (17th – 25th March, for those who are wondering).

What better way to make use of this holidays by doing something different from the usual and spice things up a bit with the family? Parents especially, take note of this!

Attend workshop together

We can see that there are many workshops happening these days and it is getting very common for one to attend them, be it on art & crafts or baking topic. Doing new things together can be fun and at the same time, increase the bonding between the family members. Who knows that you might even discover a new interest together that could potentially be a career prospect for your children?

Go for an adventure

An adventure could be anything from crossing over to the neighbouring town or travelling overseas so that you can spend quality time with your loved ones away from the usual boring routine life. Go to somewhere you have not been to before, enjoy the trip along the way and create some memorable memories. E.g. hiking, road trip, amusement park or even museums


Parents should consider this for their children. Gardening with children teaches them on environmental awareness. The process to take care of growing plants or vegetables can instil values like patience, diligence and discipline. It also shows children that good results can be achieved when efforts are put in. Besides, it also helps them to stay active under the bright sun rather than staying indoors glued to their gadgets.

Room makeover!

Ever felt like your room looks dull and boring? Make a little changes like moving your furniture around, clearing up all the unnecessary things or even giving your room a new fresh coat of paint.

Have a get together with your loved ones

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the daily routine drifts family members or friends away as everyone has their respective preoccupations. Therefore, it would be nice to have everyone to sit down over a delicious meal or even have a chat over a cup of coffee once a while. It is with these kinds of quality times that bonds could be strengthened with each other.

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