Live to Eat & Proud of It

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Every other day, we are bombarded by fitness articles that talk about the importance of a clean paleo diet, which basically means we can only eat food we can hunt or find – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, veggies, and seeds. No pastas, no rice. No crackers to go with coke. No Chicken Cajun salad during lunch time. No Cheezels while you binge-watch your fave K-drama at home.

But let’s get real guys.

We live in a world now where food is a prominent feature in our lives! We’re obsessed with Masterchef, TasteMade, Chef Wan. We spend hours planning exciting dinner menus, copying recipes off TasteMade, and wading our way through the aisles of Aeon BIG, and then attempting to make the best roasted garlic chicken ever known to mankind (but it almost never looks like the finished product shown on Tastemade).

Food & Friends

food friends

Did you also realise that your catch-up session with friends is often food-related?
“Let’s have some of that Mango cheesecake at Lat Tali Lat Café
“Let’s go waffling at Wawa Land today!”
“How about catching up over coffee at Heartbeans Café
“I’m feeling quite Japanese today! Let’s go Ishin Japanese Dining

Food & Photography

We love our food. We take pictures of our food. Our food snaps on FB tend to gain more ‘likes’ compared to our selfies. What does this say? – nothing, except that food is an infinitely more visually appealing subject compared to our physical appearance – so appealing that they don’t even need to undergo any Meitu makeup filters.

Food & Family

The success of the Asian family celebrations is entirely assessed on how much dishes there will be (and how spicy it gets)! The bigger the occasion, the more plates crowding the table – despite the fact that there are never more than 5 people eating it all.

Food & Happiness

It’s gotten to the point where our days seem to just revolve around food. When we wake up, we look forward to breakfast. While we’re crunching the numbers in our tiny cubicles, we look forward to lunch; after lunch; we swear we’d skip dinner, but mid-day break at about 3pm, our stomachs start to growl and we can’t wait to clock off and have dinner. Our days are genuinely made better knowing that there’s something delicious on the horizon.

food happiness

Food has become so synonymous with having a happy time that we’ve somewhat forgotten what it’s like to be happy without the presence of good food! But here’s the catch – if we have our meals in moderation – why do we have to feel bad about it?

In this day, being surrounded by mouth-watering food passionately prepared by the most skillful hands, and ideated by the most creative minds – it’s okay for us to LIVE TO EAT. Because why shouldn’t you take advantage of the cheese tarts at de’ lava café? or satisfy your chocolate milkshake cravings at Milkshake Bros? or indulge in that amazing kambing rendang at Bijan Restaurant? Why shouldn’t you look forward to your toast with butter and kaya at Pappa Rich if that’s what makes your heart flutter in the mornings?

Food & Kiple

As long as you’re healthy and happy, as long as your eating habit is not gluttonous, why should we be shamed for this? what’s really so wrong with enjoying food so much?

We embrace the ‘live-to-eat’ manifesto with so much pride that we’ve designed and developed an app that would fit into our #jalanjalancarimakan lifestyle. Kiple is an e-wallet that collects an array of heavenly food, accompanied by friggin’ awesome deals in one neat space. We are a platform that allows you to pay conveniently at your favourite food outlets and earn an instant 10% cashback every time. No hidden terms. No minimum spend.

How did it all begin? – it started with an unapologetic love for food.