Don’t Be THAT Cousin This CNY!

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Every Chinese New Year, there are different sets of to-do lists; and this year, we’ve got a lot to crow about!

We’ve made it really easy for you to ace through the festivities with 100% level of readiness, without breaking the bank or getting any stress!

But before you proceed to read the steps below, cast away your negative mindset, and be ready to Rock-A-Doodle-Do!

Don’t be that….

1 – Don’t be that cousin who shuns her aunty’s kepoh questions about her career or relationship status. Tell them confidently that everything good will come together at the right time.


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2 – Don’t be that cousin who hides away in a corner because she doesn’t want her photo taken thanks to her unkempt hair and her spotty skin!

woman doing spa

3 – Don’t be that cousin who avoids all the yummy homemade CNY snacks because she’s afraid of piling on the pounds

ladies in gym exercising

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4 – Don’t be that niece/nephew who doesn’t offer a ride to any of your relatives because you’re too ashamed of your unwashed car

5 – Don’t be that son/daughter who doesn’t bring home any delicacies for CNY

a pie thing foodies

  • Be filial and supportive; your elders shouldn’t be the one doing all the work in the kitchen! Learn how to contribute to the CNY festivities! Stock up on your pies at A Pie Thing with our RM35-for-RM50 voucher before CNY! Surprise your family with a special kind of treat!

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The Kiple Family wishes you Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

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The Kiple Family