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kiplePay is a simple and effective mobile e-wallet application, offering a dynamic platform for both consumers and merchants, that is relevant and ultimately the kind of conveniences you never knew you needed!

The kiplePay eWallet

Walking into a restaurant like a bawse isn’t savage enough anymore, unless you order and pay with your phone, then you’re walking the talk.

Order with kiplePay

Stop making obscene sounds and weird hand gestures, you can use kiplePay to order for your food/services via our beautifully displayed menu.

Instant Payment

Pay with kiplePay after finishing your delicious food. It’s hassle-free and saves you time. You get to focus on your food, while we focus on the rest!

Send & Request Money

It’s not nice to owe your friends money after a awesome meal, and vice versa. Transfer money to your friends or family in real time using kiplePay.

Track Your Spending

Get a push notification immediately after all account activity including payments, withdrawals and transfers to stay up to date.

Search & Discover

Step aside Google! We help you discover new popular restaurants around the area, and you can pay the bill with your phone.

Anytime, All The Time

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