Focus On Your Best Asset, and Just Let Us Handle The Rest!

kiplePay is an ordering and mobile payments solution, perfectly built for your business. We offer all kinds of businesses the ability to successfully connect and retain customers, increase table turnovers and boost productivity.

Reach New Customers, without 3rd Party Commissions

kiplePay puts your business on the map, so hungry customers craving your cuisine, or in need of your services, can find you in a matter of seconds!

Painless Ordering Process for You and Your Partner

Give hungry customers the ability to order directly from your tastefully-displayed menu on our app, just with a few taps!

Fast Table Turnover Time

When the orders are accepted quickly and efficiently into the POS, you can serve your customers and turnover tables pretty quickly. This, in turn, allows you to serve more customers over time, and increase your sales!

Embrace The Cashless Experience

More and more people are opting to go cashless these days, so you’ve gotta keep up with the needs of the market! Less cash-handling on your end, and the integration with kiplePay offers a more efficient solution than cash and credit cards for both your staff, and your customers.

Turn New Customers Into Advocates

Your order history will give you a detailed view of your best-sellers, customer’s preferences and your best days! Real-time customer insights lead to better service, effective promotions, happier customers and staff.

Leverage On Us For Marketing Support

Partnership is a two-way street, and we love being taken advantage of – especially when it comes to marketing support! We have marketing tools (and awesome ninjas!) to help promote your business at regular intervals!

Address Customer Feedback Before It Rots in Your Basement

kiplePay allows customers to leave real-time feedback. This way, you get to address issues instantly and directly turn a bad experience into a quick resolution and leave them feeling impressed!

Integration is Quick & Easy!

With our state of the art POS Terminal, integrates seamlessly into your day to day routine with no specialized skills needed. With our onboarding team’s dedicated training, you can install in under 10 minutes and start accepting orders and mobile payments as an alternative to cash or credit card.

Outlets that use kiplePay have increased their table turnover sales by an average of 15%. Ready to find out more? Send us a request and our sales support team will call you in a jiffy!

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