KipleHop Vol 1: Café Hop in Damansara Utama for a Day!

TGIF Kipsquad! It’s Saturday tomorrow, do you wanna YOLO with your squad? Then have a Saturdate with your dearest bae? OR… do you wanna kick it foreveralone mode at home?

You wanna YOLO for sure! But but but….

  • It’s so fuel & time consuming to travel from one place to another!
  • The limited parking spaces from one place to another can be quite a buzzkill!
  • No gaji yet, so you’re strapped for cash!

So you stay at home, munch away on a bag of potato chips, as scroll through your newsfeed populated with photos of friends having fun.

But, having a work-life-balance also means that you need have the GOOD FOOD + GOOD TIME + GOOD FRIENDS combo!

We have an IDEA! Catchup with your different groups of friends in just 1 designated area in 1 day? Not only do you save on fuel & time, because all eateries are within walking distance – you also end up SAVING on meals by paying it cool with KIPLE!

Cafe Hop in Damansara Utama A Day!

8AM – Breakfast at Philtre Coffee

Café Hop - Breakfast at Philtre Coffee

Kickstart your adrenaline with a hot cuppa aromatic coffee accompanied by scrumptious crunchy pastries at Philtre Coffee! The café is an upcycled heaven for DIY junkies, we love how the palettes and planks are pieced together so beautifully, making the overall ambiance very Instagram-worthy!

Download our app and split the bill with your friend using Philtre’s RM50-for-RM35 voucher today!

12PM – Lunch at My Mum’s Kitchen

Café Hop - Lunch at My Mum's Kitchen

Next, head on over to ‘My Mum’s Kitchen’ for some Malaysian home-cooked goodness! We found out that the MUM referred here, who whipped up such amazing recipes, is indeed the mom of the very beautiful and talented, Dr. Soo Wincci!

Try their brown-rice fried rice or Nasi Tanpa Lemak and discuss all things ‘Malaysian’ with your friends. Pay with Kiple and enjoy a 10% rebate on your bill!

3PM – Tea Time at a Pie Thing

Café Hop - Tea Time at A Pie Thing

Right after that plate of yummy rice from My Mum’s Kitchen, you’d think that you’ve had so much to eat that perhaps, it’s time to call it a day! But duh… your stomach growls at about 3pm and another good friend is due to arrive soon.

Walk on over to A PIE THING for a combo of their sweet and savoury pies! Don’t miss the chunky steak pie, it’s heaven-sent (just don’t blame us when you get a chunky waist). Again, save with Kiple by splitting the bill with your friends with A PIE THING’s RM50-for-35 voucher!

7PM – Dinner at Departure Lounge

Café Hop - Dinner at Departure Lounge

Watching your calories? Well – leave that for the weekdays. Weekends are meant for good food & good friends!
Take a stroll to Departure Lounge and enjoy their #alldaybreakfast Eggs ‘Baonedict’ while discussing travel ideas with your nomadic buddies! (cos you’re in departure lounge, geddit?)

Enjoy a FREE artisan coffee with every meal purchase above RM14.90 with Kiple! – tsk, we’ve heard that they serve the meanest cappuccino in town!

9PM – Dessert at Tsujiri

Café Hop - Dessert at Tsujiri

Okay. Okay – we hear you, no more coffee, no more pastries, no more meals; but what better way to end the day than cleansing your palate with Tsujiri’s healthy Matcha detox!

This one’s meant to be shared, so share a ‘Sunset’ Uji blessing with your most exquisite date at Tsujiri’s dessert table!

Kiple offers Kipsquad a sweet rate of RM20-for-RM14 at Tsujiri!

Late night sweet deserts, paid at a sweet rate, should after all, be reserved for your one and only sweetest bae.

So hey, if this isn’t YOLO enough for you, we don’t know what is. By doing this, you get to kill 4 birds with 1 stone!

  1. See all your awesome friends in one day, and you even get to belanja some of them!
  2. Focus on 1 designated area, which is less time/fuel consuming for you, it also helps save the environment with lesser carbon footprint!
  3. Fill your tummy with legitimately YUMMY food!
  4. SAVE when you spend with Kiple!

Bookmark our blog as we’ll be Kiplehopping across more areas to bring you awesome gastronomical adventures throughout the next few #kiplehop volumes!