5 Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we are in the month of February, which means Valentine’s Day is here to haunt us again, with online-florists promoting the different meaning behind the different types of roses, restaurants promoting romantic set dinners for two, and retail sites promoting sexay outfits for Vday sexytaim!

But wait… have you considered giving yourself a gift? Vday is about ‘love’ after all, and what’s more important with Self-love? Self-love is essential for your happiness! So give yourself a little Valentine’s Day self-care gift may help to lighten stress, and possibly, protect you from sickness.

That doesn’t mean you need to indulge in a crazy Blair Waldorf shopping spree though. Here are 5 self-care tips to help you fight stress, find health and be your own best Valentine’s Date ever!

1. Eat Well


A romantic candle-lit fine dining experience is the expected norm for Vday specials; but why don’t you do something different this Vday by eating well? Give Organic Leaf a try; it is a vegetarian restaurant that brings you healthy organic food that also tastes really good!

2. Take a Gym Pass


For around RM15 only, you get a 1-day unlimited access to Pro Fitness Gym! You get to shake what yo mama gave ya, sweat buckets, and feel awesome about it! Remember, if you still look cute by the end of the day, that means you ain’t trying hard enough.

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3. Pamper your skin & body!


Man, do I love a massage. But I love them even more where I can get a 10% rebate so that I can always return for regular self-lovin! Head on over to the reputable and award-winning HKC Plaza for a calming spa and sauna session to get that inner shine!

4. Colour me wild!


What sort of things did you love doing as a kid? Did you love to color? Well, why don’t you assimilate some of that creativity onto your HAIR?! Head on over to Top Passion Hair Salon to give your hair a new lease on life! You know you’re worth it!

5. Heal – from within!


Do you have a stressful job? Getting recurring migraines and insomnia? Maybe you just need to slow down a little. According to Psychology Today, Acupuncture releases endorphins, and activates natural pain killers. Hence, ramping up your immune system, while improving your ability to concentrate.

Loving yourself takes practice and a strong resolution. It’s the willingness to pick yourself up when life throws you a curve-ball. Even when you’re hurting from past relationships, lifting yourself up as if you truly were your own best friend. It’s reminding yourself how strong you are.


Breathe and sit patiently instead of raiding the refrigerator. To love yourself is to whisper into your heart, “I love you always,” as you gently coax yourself to take the next right action in the mystery of your precious life.
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