About Us

Not Exactly a Start-Up

We like the two base words of keep + ripple. We like that it looks pleasing to the eye how the letters go together. We came up with SO many possible names, but this one won the hearts of our Kiple Squad.

Kiple is a licensed e-money company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad.

Established in 2016, Kiple was conceived out of our combined love for food, convenience and financial inclusion.

We don't want to identify ourselves as a fintech company, because that's a foreign term only used among people within the industry.

Neither do we want to call ourselves a lifestyle company, because it's such an ambiguous word used by influencers, and you might think we champion daily #ootd shots.

But what we genuinely want to do is help fill gaps in your daily routine so that you can enjoy the end-to-end shopping and dining experience and be a part of the cashless movement.