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Get a newly improved end-to-end shopping & dining experience with your very own digital mobile wallet.

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No payment goes through until, and unless you approve the payment with your fingerprint OR security pin.

No payment goes through until and unless you approve the payment

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Reach out and develop a special kind of relationship with our core community of millennials.

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Get featured in our app, offer unlimited special promos to all or targeted users & track campaign results.

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Carry less cash to avoid being robbed, reduce incidences of fake notes & make in-store theft impossible.

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A low fee of 0.8% thereafter - compared with 1.8% credit card MDR rate.

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Get in first-time & repeat customers with special deals that they buy upfront.

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We Help Reward Your Customers

Customers love cashbacks. We help you give them more with our equal matching of 5% + 5%!

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Track who is spending with you, how often & what they're buying. Reap more profits in a long run.

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Save the hassle of building your own mobile platform. Instead, let us take you into the future with us.

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Don't just let customers drive by. Let them know that you're just around the corner with our nearby feature.